Our history

For over one hundred years our family takes care of your holiday.

Guests are our wealth, our life, our future.
Remember that you, as a guest, make our Hotel possible. You are the most valuable thing
on which we want to focus all our attention.

A story that has lasted more than 100 years ...

Our history dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. The hotel has always been property of the Dalprà family (von Wiesen). It was built in 1911 in the center of the old village of San Sebastiano by Arcangelo and Luigi Daprà. Right afterwards the first World War subverted everything. The citizens were forced out of the plateau (they were deported in Austria) and only the soldiers remained to defend a very small piece of land. Once the war was over, between the winter of 1918 and the spring of 1919, these people came back to their land to find themselves in even worse conditions of life. Many houses had been bombed, many had been abandoned, others were crumbling. People started to reconstruct the village with courage and sacrifice. Our structure became a store in which monopoly and colonial goods were sold. In the rear part of the building a shed was made; there were eight cows. That period was characterized by rural habits. An unstable and rural economy of sustenance was the sole faint hope to believe in. In the ‘60s, the Dalprà are hit by the war and by unexpected family losses. They try to give the structure a more defined style. But the real turning point will be a woman, who paved the way for a new future of the region. Her name was Giulia. She was as beautiful as the sun, as strong as the steel, as brave as a tiger. She arrived form Lavarone with broken shoes and a humble but clean dress.

In 1949 she will marry Orfeo, Luigi’s son. They will have three children, Luigi, Tiziano and Mariano. At first she will run a food store together with Orfeo, who will inherit the structure from his uncle Arcangelo and his brother Velio, becoming the owner of the whole building. That’s when the modern reconstruction starts. Giulia has great projects for her family; her long term vision tells her that tourism had to be developed and strengthened. The structure was renovated again and it was the first building to have the central heating system installed, a great advance for that period. History tells us how great this woman was: always smiling at work and full of love and sacrifice for her family. Her son, Luigi, passed away when he was only 23. Then Mariano died too, at the age of 30, taking with him his father Orfeo. Giulia resisted to the pain and together with Tiziano started the third reconstruction of the Hotel. She died in 2004, on September the 25th, aged 75. With her death the story got stucked for a time and the sky began to cry. Today, Tiziano runs the Hotel with his family, his wife Silvana and his daughters Alice and Marianna. The way they manage the Hotel is characterized by human warmth, sensitiveness, mountain life, a story with deep roots and traditions.

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